Welcome to the VAST lab website.  We live in an increasingly complex data-rich world, and immersive visualization systems allow research an unprecedented view of our world and insights that have until now been impossible. The VAST lab was established in 2010 as a multipurpose geoscience computing and data visualization center here at the University of Delaware.  The lab started as an idea culled from experiences and designs of several similar single-function facilities at other institutions.

One of the University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment’s (CEOE’s) newest lab facilities gives scientists and students the opportunity to engage with the very latest technological tools in their fields.  This facility allows users to analyze and transmit data, including video, in real-time to and from remote research expeditions; and plan research sampling sites virtually.

The Visual and Advanced Simulation Training Lab, or VAST Lab for short, uses Google Earth, Fledermaus, and other computer visualization systems to display real-time data streams on everything from global ocean temperature and currents to the movement of ships in Delaware Bay — all at once.

The data come from a wide variety of sources — including satellites, autonomous underwater vehicles, and floating buoys — and are pulled into visualization software that lets users see geographic data in 4-dimensions (space and time).

In addition to an array of large wall-mounted monitors, a projection system, a conference area, and a full classroom set of computers, the lab includes technology that lets scientists remotely operate underwater vehicles and connect directly with ships on scientific missions anywhere in the world.


“It really gives students a window into what the potential is for the next generation of technology.” Dean Nancy Targett


““The purpose of computation is insight, not numbers.” -Hamming (1969)

“We simply could not know how the earth works without geospatial technologies…" Dr. Richard Alley

VAST Lab Design Floorplan

For scheduling and additional information check the calendar and submit a reservation request or contact Art Trembanis